Oct 22, 2011
Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

Students vs Prisoners

Oct 16, 2011
I won't say much. See for yourself

Chocolate Milk is the best drink after outdoor play

Jun 28, 2011

I talked about the importance of outdoor play earlier. Kids come back in, tired and thirsty. Many kids drink gatorade and other sports drinks. I think these do more harm than good. Some even drink soda, possibly the worst thing they could drink. Better is water or juice. But, the best drink to give them is chocolate milk. It builds more muscle and keeps off fat, according to two new studies from The University of Texas at Austin. Granted, these studies were done on adult athletes. But, hey, most kids actually like chocolate milk - it's inexpensive and healthy.

Chocolate milk is best drink for recovery after exercise
Chocolate Milk Fuels Soccer Champs

The Story of Kid Rewards

Jun 21, 2011

I've been using paper reward charts with my kids mostly successfully for a while now. I used to use a simple piece of paper, which was stuck on the fridge, with their names on it. When they completed a task successfully, I'd draw a star on the chart. The problem was that sometimes the piece of paper would get lost or I'd not be home and I couldn't give them their star. Often, I'd have to remember the stars I'd have to give them in my head, till I actually did it.

I looked online for a solution and I found a few of them. But most of them were cumbersome, involving dragging and dropping and huge graphics. I wanted something that was about as simple as paper. So, Kid Rewards was born. It's developed in web2py - an amazing web development framework, which focuses on getting things done quickly and nicely.

With Kid Rewards you can assign points or stars with one click, you can add a note if you like. You can assign more than one point a day. You can even take away points if necessary. You can stay logged in, so you don't have to login each time you visit the site. Click on a kid's name, see all their goals and their progress, and give them a point for each goal right there. Click on a goal and see a graph of the progress.

It's even tied to Amazon, so you can search for a reward easily and buy your kid a reward straight from Amazon. Amazon has a huge collection of toys and gifts for kids and excellent prices.

Outdoor play helps prevent near-sightedness

Jun 11, 2011

10-12 hours of outdoor play a week during the daytime can help prevent myopia (near-sightedness). This averages to at least 90 minutes of outdoor play every day. This combined with unsupervised play, can go a long way in improving kids' health.

Near-sightedness is caused by weakness in the muscles that allows the eyes to focus. The muscles have lost the ability to focus beyond a certain distance.

When you spend a majority of time indoors on TV, computers, cellphones, video games you limit the range of motion of your focusing muscles. It's like restricting your arm from straightening all the way. If you or someone you know have had your arm in a cast for a month or so, have you noticed how the muscles in the arm have shrunk? If you restrict the range of motion in your arm so you can bend it only half way and never completely straight, your arm will eventually lose the ability to straighten. This is in effect what happens to kids who spend most of their time indoors.

Just like other muscles in the body, the eye muscles need protein to grow and repair. Protein deficiency is another major cause of near-sightedness. In countries with poor nutrition, kids spend a lot of time outdoors, but near-sightedness is a common problem. Here, the culprit is protein deficiency.

New research an eye opener on cause of myopia
The Eye Muscles